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For over 30 years we have been printing exciting and innovative designs used for business and events!

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Screen Printing


When you are in need of the best in design and creative screen printing look no further.  No matter what the industry our design team can meet your needs.  Our designers have a broad spectrum creative ability to meet the needs of any design requirements. From single color print to full color index printing we have you covered. 

Screen printing can not be paralleled by direct to garment or simulated screen printing.  The direct to garment process satisfies small run jobs that are full color but can not be matched in color vibrancy and detail at a reasonable cost. We have the capabilities to procure and print 1000's of pieces with a fast turn around. If you are looking for a  full color design up to 12 printed colors and have quantities over 60 pcs or a 1,2 or 3 color design can start as low as 24 pcs.  

With our new state of the art printing facility we can handle almost any project.  Let us quote your project.

Contract Printing:  Please give us a call to discuss your contract printing needs.  We facilitate mutiple automatic 12 color presses to expedite your project.


Project Recommendations for Large Run Screen Printing

  1. Determine a design for imprint / or provide an example of what you are looking for.
  2. If you are providing a design please supply a sample and file type.
  3. Decide whether design is printed on a dark or light garment.
  4. Color selection / we custom mix all pms colors, remember that the garment color can effect the actual PMS (pantone color matching system) color.
  5. Select garments to be printed. (remember the smallest size you choose will determine the size the screen print image will be for all garments using the original screen setup.)

Note: Certain materials print differently with different printing solutions.  If you are unsure of what requirements you need please ask.



  • Small to large run capabilities
  • Custom PMS spot color matching
  • Custom 4 color process printing
  • Excellent bonding to fabric for long lasting image
  • Printing solution for a variety of materials

Required components to Screen Print.

( Dolphin Graphics can provide all phases of Design and Screen Print Process)

  • Correct artwork file types (see Art Requirements)
  • Color separated film transparencies
  • Screen setup / 1 per color or image and location
  • Minimum Run is 288 pcs for large run pricing / all garments must be simular in style and color for bulk print pricing.

The run size for multiple location and imprint colors is determined by quantity of garments to be printed.


Direct To Garment (DGT)

 Direct to Garment Printing (DGT) is the most recent solution to short run high color simulated screen printing. Having the ability to reproduce photographs or high color screen prints with no setups or require a fast turnaround this process could be your solution. Let one of sales team help you make the best choice for your project.

  • Full color short runs
  • Excellent fabric adhesion
  • 4 color process printing
  • Rush service available
  • Procurement plans available
  • Design creation and assistance available

Re-sellers- Please contact Dolphin Graphics for more information.



 From 24 to a hundred thousand pieces, Dolphin Graphics offers in-house design and custom manufacturing options for EMBROIDERY and DIGITIZING.  Using simple text or multi-color artwork, our embroidery department can produce a product with your existing design or create a new one. Our in-house digitizing department can take existing artwork or create images for exclusive embroidered designs for your apparel and products. Dolphin Graphics can provide all phases of the Design and Embroidery process. With our national partnerships we can fulfill any project across the country on time and on budget.

  • Design and digitizing consulting
  • Design and digitizing service
  • Rush service available
  • Procurement plans available
  • Embroidery & digitizing for all types of apparel, hats and products.

Re-sellers- Please contact Dolphin Graphics for more information.

Understanding the Embroidery process

Embroidery is the solution for apparel and accessories that require a quality look and feel at a reasonable cost. Embroidery for single pieces, prototypes or custom one-off pieces are possible.dolphingraphics-embroider-sidepic03

Components of Embroidery

Small to large run capabilities

  • PMS thread color matching is available
  • 80 standard colors
  • Quality backing and threads for long lasting image
  • Embroidery will work on a variety of materials

Required Components for Embroidery

  1. Correct artwork file types  ( see Embroidery Art Requirements )
  2. Determine fabric type for digitizing
  3. Digitized art file for embroidery
  4. Short run of 24 pc* minimum / flat or 24 pc* hat required.

The run size for multiple locations is determined by the quantity of garments to be embroidered. The cost to embroidery is determined by the stitch count of the design.

Project Recommendations for Creating a Cost-Effective Embroidery Project

  1. Simple designs look and embroider best.
  2. Make sure the artwork is in the correct format ( art charges may apply).
  3. If you do not have a design, Dolphin Graphics can create it for you.
  4. Determine stitch colors for your design. Try to use the same colors for all embroidery. *There is an additional cost for color changes.
  5. Color selection / we have 60 standard colors. (Choosing standard colors vs. a PMS color match will save you money. PMS color matches are additional for each project.)
  6. Select garments to be embroidered. We have easy access to hundreds of products.  (Remember the digitized size you choose will stay that size on all items unless additional digitized files are created.)


Fulfillment and Shipping

We offer a variety of shipping services including UBER, FEDEX UPS or USPS delivery for single shipments, palletizing for LTL freight carrier pickup, split shipments to multiple locations. 



Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive branding and marketing solutions and tools that support brand identity to grow their business. Our desire is to establish long term relationships with our clients to continually evaluate and proactively provide new creative ideas and marketing solutions.



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