Understanding Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the solution for printing quantities of apparel at a reasonable cost.
Project Recommendations for Creating a Cost-Effective Screen Printing Project

  1. Determine a design for imprint
  2. Make sure the artwork is in the correct format ( art charges may apply)
  3. Decide whether design is printed on a dark or light garment (designs on white may not show up on black and visa versa.)
  4. Color selection / we have 38 standard colors. (Choosing a standard color vs. a PMS color match will save you money. PMS color matches are additional for each project.)
  5. Select garments to be printed. (remember the smallest size you choose will determine the size the screen print image will be for all garments using the original screen setup.)

Components of Screen Printing

  • Small to large run capabilities
  • Custom PMS spot color matching
  • Custom 4 color process printing
  • Excellent bonding to fabric for long lasting image
  • Printing solution for a variety of materials

Required components to Screen Print

(Dolphin Graphics can provide all phases of Design and Screen Print Process)

  • Correct artwork file types (see Art Requirements)
  • Color separated film transparencies
  • Screen setup / 1 per color or image and location
  • Short run of 24 pc* minimum required.

The run size for multiple location and imprint colors is determined by quantity of garments to be printed.

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