Banner Materials

Banner Materials



Ultraflex Wallscapes Suede - Our coated canvas material is a 20 oz. textured cotton material that can be hemmed and grommeted or can be installed direct to walls with most commercial adhesives for wall covering. Perfect for total wall coverage, theater backdrops, or television or film sets.

InteliCoat GFCVM Matte Canvas - Designed for fine art reproductions, and to be stretched onto frames. Can also be hemmed and grommeted, or made with pole pockets for decorative banners.

Coated Polyester Fabric - Our coated polyester fabric is a polyester woven fabric that offers an excellent print quality that can be hemmed and grommeted. Perfect for indoor applications and short term outdoor applications, this is our most affordable fabric material.

Ultraflex Ultra Poplin Canvas - 7 oz., knitted polyester canvas material with a slight stretch for vibrant print quality. With its slight stretch and wrinkle and crease free characteristics, this wide format canvas is perfect for large tradeshow graphics and frame systems.

Vinyl Banner Materials

Ultraflex SuperPrint 13 oz. PVC Coated Banner - A vinyl coated nylon re-enforced banner material designed for large & grand format printing; ideal for applications that require a seamless substrate. This is a white matte finish. This frontlit material produces true, vibrant eye-catching colors without problems concerning fish-eyes, streaking, or color drift. Ink will not scratch off, and drying time is minimal with face-to-face sticking.

ImageStar 13 oz. SuperSmooth BlockOut Scrim Banner - A 14 mil, vinyl coated banner material, that provides 100% opacity for double sided printing. Perfect for roll-up banner stands, fine trimmed banners and other high end applications.

3M Panagraphics III Backlit Banner - 3M Panagraphics III is ideal for medium to long-term backlit applications. Solvent printable, stretchable and sewable, this material can be used in frames, for awnings, or for simple backlit banner applications.

Mehler 14 oz. Backlit PVC Coated Banner - BACKLIT is a translucent quality material with high tear-out force and long durability. The material can be illuminated from the back and is therefore well qualified for illumination advertising in internal and external areas.

Key Mesh 9 oz. Banner - A high-strength net fabric, which based on its excellent air permeability, is especially qualified as large area advertising carrier for facade advertising & building encapsulation. This product is perfect for banners which will be subjected to high wind loads.

Mehler Super Mesh Banner - A super heavy duty alternative to our standard Key Mesh. Flame resistant, high tear strength make this material a great choice for high wind locations.

Mehler 16 oz. Frontlit I PVC Coated Banner - VALMEX® FRONTLIT is a high quality material offering first class print characteristics. One side is painted in high gloss while the other side has a matte finish and this can significantly increase the advertising impact of the message. FRONTLIT I is flame resistant and meets the requirements of the fire protection classes B1 and M2.

Ultraflex Eclipse 13 oz. banner - Ultraflex Systems Inc. Eclipse™ is a front lit substrate with a black colored backside, ideally suited for banner & billboard applications. It can be used for any front lit application or blockout application as well.

Ultraflex 15 oz. UltraBlockout Pro Banner - Coated and printable on both sides, UltraBlockout BannerTM Pro 15 oz. is well suited for double sided signs and banners and may be used for indoor or outdoor applications under moderate
weather conditions, or when complete opacity is necessary. It is not for use with outdoor pole banners or boulevard banners. The back is slightly more textured than front, but produces quality color match from front to back.

Ultraflex 20 oz. UltraBlockout Pro Banner - UltraBlockout BannerTM Pro 20 oz. is a heavier, more durable blockout banner material than our UltraBlockout BannerTM Pro 15 oz, and can be used for a wider variety of applications including truck sides. It well suited for double sided signs and banners and may be used for indoor or outdoor applications under harsh weather conditions, or when complete opacity is necessary. Like our 15 oz. version, UltraBlockout Banner Pro 20 oz. is coated and printable on both sides for UV, solvent or screen-printing. The back is slightly more textured than front, but produces quality color match from front to back.

Mehler 20 oz. Blockout Banner - Stronger than our Ultraflex 20 oz., an excellent idea for long-term double sided banners.

Ultraflex Bioflex 15 oz. banner - BIOflex is a strong, indoor/outdoor 15 oz. biodegradable banner material that contains no toxic materials. Unlike standard PVC coated banner materials, BIOflex attracts microbes that break down the PVC within 3 to 5 years (in normal landfill conditions).

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