Vehicle Care & Maintenance

Vehicle Care & Maintenance


Dolphin Graphics uses 3M Premium Vinyl for a full 1 year warranty & **3 year MFG warranty.  The more you care for your vehicle graphics, the better it will look and last. The warranty is prorated so we recommend you review the following suggestions for good car maintenance for your Dolphin Graphics vehicle graphics.

  1. Car/Truck wash - You can take your vehicle through a car/truck wash without any concerns. We have not found any car/truck wash that will hurt your vehicle graphics.
  2. Pressure Wash - When we install the panels from the back to front, we over lap each panel by 5”. This installation procedure helps prevent the vinyl from peeling back when driving fast and if your vehicles brushes etc. As a result you must always pressure wash from front to back and always hold the wand at an angle to the vehicle (do not point the wand straight at the graphics). Never get closer than 20” with the wand or you risk blowing holes in the vinyl. Any auto wash soap will work fine on the vehicle. For touch stains and dirt, please use a brush. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH YOUR WINDOW PERF or you will rip it apart.
  3. Wax - We highly recommend you wax your vehicle once a year (or more) to maintain the high shine and the life of the vehicles graphics. The best wax is a liquid; this makes it easier to apply. In most cases wax will take out the stains you might get in the graphics
  4. Snow Removal - Only use a brush, never use a scraper as this could damage the film. If you wax the film (the solid film, not the window perf), the snow should just come off with very little effort.
  5. Window Perf - DO NOT EVER USE THE REAR WINDOW WIPERS ON THE WINDOW FILM, if you do, this will void the warranty and damage the film. (warranty (1)year MFG warranty.
  6. High Heat - If your vehicle is out in the sun and gets very hot, the film will not fall off or peel.  The film loves the heat but could effect the color over time.
  7. Insurance - Most insurance companies offer a special policy to cover your vehicle graphics. Call your insurance company for more details.
  8. Peeling or Lifting - If you see the film lifting or peeling back, you must contact us immediately so we can fix the problem. If you leave it, you will prevent us from fixing the problem and void the warranty.

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