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A list of materials we use. We will recommend the right material for your specific project.


Graphics Solutions and Reflective Solutions. Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions 8080

Designed for application onto solid surfaces such as passenger vehicles, buses, trains, and watercraft.  To ensure color consistency when wrapping a vehicle, ensure the material used is from one production lot # of material.  

A 2 mil cast, opaque vinyl film for long-term graphics. It has 3M Comply™ pressure-activated removable adhesive for easier installation of signs, vehicle graphics & wraps.

A High performance, 2-mil white, non-PVC film with pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap up and repositioning. This film has a nonvisible air release channels for fast and easy, bubblefree installations. Versatile, ideal for many long-term graphic applications and for short-term wall graphics on smooth or moderately textured surfaces. Flexible, requires less heat during application than vinyl films to conform to compound curves, corrugations and rivets. Graphic film is stretchable up to 150% without primer or relief cuts while maintain lifting resistance. This product offers several environmental benefits such as being a non-PVC, phthalate-free film, containing no added chlorine or halogens, made in part from biobased materials and manufactured using 60% less solvent. This film is suitable when used for indoor and outdoor graphics and signs, including pointofpurchase and displays, fleet, vehicle and transit graphics and wraps, Watercraft graphics (above the static water line only) and Smooth and Textured Walls.

A 2 mil cast vinyl film for short to long-term use. With good adhesion on compound curves and rivets, excellent finish, no edge lifting, and no adhesive curing time, this value-priced option can’t be beat!

An economical 3 mil, 1-2-year Calandered Vinyl provides vivid images and great colors for short to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications. 3M IJ35-20 intermediate vinyl features a grey, permanent adhesive and is typically used for a variety of outdoor signage and banner applications.

A 3 mil High Grade Calandered vinyl with pressure sensitive removable adhesive with Comply, perfect for medium to long-term graphics.

An economical vinyl, perfect for short-term graphics. The adhesive is changeable and pressure-sensitive, with an overall outdoor life expectancy of 1 year.

Taking ControlTac to the next level! Making wraps easier to install by easily forming into deep channels and convcave areas. Stretches and adheres better. With a 3 year outdoor life expectancy to not lift or peel, this is the ultimate in Vehicle Wrapping technology!

2-mil transparent film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This film is an excellent choice for permanent, medium-long term graphics and signs that require a sub-surface application when utilizing a white print backer. Also used in some backlit applications when utilizing a white translucent substrate.

3-mil intermediate, clear vinyl film with a low-tack, changeable adhesive, designed for use on windows and glass.

A Cast, 3 mil, 7-year translucent inkjet media with clear, permanent adhesive. Excellent for producing backlit signage, both indoors and out. For internally illuminated applications that last.

A 2 mil calendared perforated vinyl film used for vehicle windows and storefront windows. This Film has a black pigmented removable adhesive for viewing through the window from the inside. Laminated with an optically clear vinyl overlaminate. When laminated using Curva Lam optically clear laminate, the vinyl is conformable over simple curves for curved or rounded surfaces.

4 mil cast, vinyl film to make removable, high gloss architectural and vehicle window graphics. The 50 percent perforation pattern allows a full image to be seen from the outside while still allowing good viewing from the inside.

This 3.2-mil matte vinyl film has changeable, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Use for promotional graphics such as signs, trade show, point-of-purchase displays, windows and taxi tops.

A retro reflective vinyl film with permanent, clear, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is an outstanding vinyl for applications which are flat or have rivets! It is solvent printable, with a life expectancy of 3-5 years.

A 2 mil Cast vinyl that conforms to moderately textured surfaces, such as concrete block, brick, and industrial stucco and tile. Even conforms around columns. The indoor life expectancy is a minimum of two years, and the outdoor expectancy is 3-6 months.

A 6-mil changeable film. Its pressure-activated adhesive features slideability, repositionability and air release channels, for fast and easy, bubble-free graphic installation. Use this film for a variety of indoor graphic applications.

4 mil film for short-medium term, durable indoor floor graphics on sealed surfaces. This white, opaque film has a pressure-activated, gray-pigmented adhesive for excellent hiding power. The included 3M 3645 overlaminate offers skid and scuff resistance as well as durability for floor graphics, allowing scrubbing, cleaning and waxing during routine floor maintenance.

Asphalt Art’s foil-base is thin enough to conform to rough, untreated surfaces like stone and cement. As a result, street graphics printed on Asphalt Art look like painted-on images. The aluminum foil base also allows for maximum visibility and impact. Asphalt Art’s unique design features a glass bead non-slip texture that can be printed on and then immediately applied to a number of floor surfaces. This patented design lasts months longer than most competitor brands and can withstand vehicle traffic as well as heavy foot traffic.

Clear, removable adhesive Avery MPI 3001 PP is a gloss white promotional vinyl film designed for use in a wide range of short-term promotional and general signage applications where good outdoor durability and value for money is required. It provides excellent printability and handling through wide format printers, good outdoor durability and has a high gloss finish for superior appearance.

A 2.5 mil, high quality, 2-3 year calandered vinyl film with permanent adhesive. Appropriate for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications, ORAJET 3651 can be used on flat surfaces, simple curves and simple contours. Perfect for reverse printed decals!

Translucent film with the appearance of sandblasted glass, with a spakle twist. Perfect for window displays not requiring the appearance of full transparent or opaque graphics. Frosted Sparkle looks great reverse printed or standard, this durable material will add that special touch to your graphics.

Thick, conformable and printable vinyl with extremely aggresive adhesive for graphics that really need to stick. Great for ATV’s, Go-karts, motorcross bikes, sports helmets and other high impact sports vehicles and equipment. Sticks to low energy plastics and powder coated painted surfaces when other decals will not stick.

3.5-mil certified biodegradable (ASTM D 5511) white matte flexible calendared vinyl film coated with 3-135 certified biodegradable (ASTM D 5210) permanent pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a environmentally friendly 8pt. board stock liner. This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based inkjet and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing, in addition to conventional screen and UV offset printing systems. Adhesive 3-135 produces permanent bond to a variety of common substrates used in graphics applications. The vinyl and adhesive have been tested and shown to biodegrade in the presence of microbes which are typically found in a landfill setting. The product will not begin biodegrading until said environment is present. The environmentally friendly 8pt. liner is made using clean production – Elemental Chlorine Free bleaching, 10% internally recycled content and Responsible Fiber Sourcing – Fiber is verified to not be taken from a.) endangered forests; b.) old growth forest; c.) rain forests; d.) areas in violation of civil rights; and e.) illegally harvested or stolen wood.

This Adhesive Fabric Media is compatible with pigment, water based, solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks! This fabric gives you vivid, sharp print results with brilliant colors! The Adhesive is Re-movable, Re-usable and Re-positional. Photo Tex characteristics separates itself from any other product on the market that is using vinyl low tack adhesive. We stick to any non-porous flat surface (in all weather and room temperature changes), and easily remove with 99% no residue. Photo Tex does not remove paint off a primed wall, and is safe to put over wallpaper. The material does not rip or wrinkle. Results will vary on stucco (painted preferred). Not recommended for brick or non painted cement surfaces.

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